"Build Your First Robot" Affordable ArdBot II Based Desktop 'Bot!

The Build Your First Robot project, or ArdBot II, appears in the February 2012 issue of Popular Mechanics, and an updated version starting with the August 2013 issue of SERVO Magazine.

Build a Fully Programmable Arduino Robot

Parts list, FAQ, Templates, and Extra Goodies

BYFR Sketches - Popular Mechanics Version

(Please refer to the SERVO Magazine Web site for Arduino sketches for the SERVO version of BYFR/ArdBot II.)

These Arduino sketches put your BYFR through its paces. Unless otherwise noted these sketches require the Arduino 1.0 or later IDE software. These are zip archive files, and must be unpacked to your Arduino sketchbook folder before use.

  • Demo sketch - Download and install this to run the basic demo version of BYFR.
  • Servos-only robot exerciser - Run just the servo motors on your BYFR. All other code (switches, infrared remote control, sound) is removed. Good for checking proper connection of your servos. The sketch repeats a basic motion pattern -- forward, back, right, left -- over and over again.
  • IR remote test - Test the functionality of the infrared remote control. See the readme file for additional information..