BasicBot Getting Started Robot

The BasicBot is a starter robot measuring 5" in diameter. It uses an affordable and easy-to-find Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox (average cost under $9) as its locomotion.

These gearboxes use the common Mabuchi FA-130 size motor, which may be substituted for a version that draws much less current. This allows the motors to be used with less expensive H-bridges.

The robot is balanced on the end opposite the drive motors using a Tamiya ball caster.

Found in Robot Builder's Bonanza, 4th Edition Chapter 26, Build Robots with Wheels and Tracks

TinBot Parts List
1 Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox #70097
Via Amazon
2 Tamiya Truck Tire Set #70101 (comes in packages of 4, you need only 2)
Via Amazon
1 Tamiya Ball Caster, #70144 (comes in packages of 2, you need only 1)
Via Amazon
2 Optional low current motors, substitute for FA-130 size motors that come with the Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox
Misc Assembly hardware (order in multiples of 10):
4-40 ×1/2" machine screws
4-40 nuts
#4 washers