PlastoBot Parts List

The Plastobot measures 4" square, and is constructed from 1/8" expanded PVC. The square shape of the robot is enhanced by chamfering (mitering) the four corners, and providing cutouts for the wheels.

The robot is powered by two Pololu (or similar) 100:1 gear motors. The wheels measure 32mm, and are designed to fit onto the shafts of the motors.

A plastic ball caster is used on one end for balance. It is sugfgested you place the batteries toward the end with the ball caster, in order to keep the base tipped to that side.

Found in Robot Builder's Bonanza, 4th Edition Chapter 10, Build a Motorized Plastic Platform

PlastoBot Parts List
1 4" × 4" 1/8"-thick expanded PVC plastic
Via Amazon (24" x "48 sheet)
2 Pololu micro gear motors, 100:1 gear ratio, item 992
1 Pololu mini motor brackets (pair), item 989
1 Pololu wheels with rubber tires (pair), 32mm diameter, item 1087
1 Pololu ball caster, 1/2" ball, item 952
Misc Assembly hardware comes with these components; if you substitute, you may need an assortment of 2-56 or 4-40 x 1/2" machine screws and nuts, which you can get from Jameco, Amazon, and , Pololu.