PlyBot Plywood Robot

The PlyBot is a 5" x 7" differentially steered robot made from 1/4" aircraft grade plywood. It is shaped from a rectangular piece of plywood, and requires only minimal cutting and drilling.

It is powered by two Tamiya gear motors (made from kits) and two Tamiya 58mm diameter rubber wheels.

A steel ball transer (aka ball caster) is used for balance on the end opposite the motors/wheels.

Found in: Chapter 8, Build a Motorized Wooden Platform

PlyBot Parts List


5" × 7" 5-ply 1/4"-thick birch plywood

Tower Hobbies (6 pack of 6" x 12" sheets)

HobbyLinc  (6 pack of 6" x 12" sheets)

(or your local hobby/crafts store)


Tamiya Worm Gear kit, model 72004


Tower Hobbies


Tamiya Narrow Tires (pair), 58mm diameter, model 70145


Tower Hobbies


11/16" diameter ball transfer (i.e., ball caster)

McMaster-Carr, item #5674K57


Assembly hardware: 4-40 ×1/2" machine screws, 4-40 nuts

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